Prime dental products specializes in all aspects of the latest Dental CAD/CAM technology. From materials and consumables, to the latest CAD and CAM software and all things

inbetween. With over One-hundred years combined experience, our products, services, training & support are among the best in the Industry.

     Integration of new and existing technologies and material is what we do best. Training and installation of scanners, software, machines, and the latest materials. Our services
range from retro-fitting existing machines and extending their usefulness, to new custom applications and technology. Service and parts for many CNC mills and Rapid-Prototype
machines, and technical support is One of our main jobs, as well as sales and installation of the latest software, scanners, and machines. We have the experience to back-up our
sales and products, with the proper support and training needed for success.


     If you have a need to grow your business, prime dental products  are there to help with no closed systems, no manditory years fees, and only the best available "Open"

solutions, and materials offered at an affordable price. Don't get trapped into a box with limited options! We offer new White-Light scanners, Furnaces, Custom CNC mill designs

and modifications of existing mills, premium CAD and CAM software, materials, and consumables related to Digital Dentistry.


     West-coast equipment and material sales and distribution is handled by TD dental supply in Arcadia, California. TD Dental Supply, Inc was founded in 2004 by Dr. Ding.

Through his hard work and knowledge of this industry, he has made this company what it is today. Their products and services have the utmost quality compromised with

unbeatable prices. TD Dental Supply has their own warehouse with all your product needs.  Dr. Ding has the latest CAD/CAM materials, including the absolute best looking

Zirconia on the market today! Try it and see for yourself to believe it. His staff are friendly and promt with all questions and orders.


     East-coast equipment sales and CAD/CAM support and training is handled by Dominion Milling Center in Richmond, VA. DMC started as a "regular" C&B lab in 1998

by H. Scott Hudson, who was a C.D.T. at the time, and a son and brother and brother-in-law of a Dentist. His passion for machines and technology changed his lab over time

into One of the largest milling centers on the East Coast today. It is always a changing environment in this business, and DMC is always right on top of it. From Rapid-Prototyping

to 5-axis complex machining, DMC has the real world experience and knowledge to be able to train and support others with new technology as it evolves. Scott has gone so far as

to build himself a couple custom CNC mills and modified virtually all equipment around him. The staff at DMC has years of experience with most all CAD/CAM systems and are

Industry leaders in skills and training.




- Custom Built HAAS CNC mills
- tooling - fixtures
- CAM and CAD packages

130mm x 120mm Sintering Furnace  $4300